1. “You’ll never regret going.”
    My student said to me as she looked back with a half smile. Truer words were never spoken. Obstacles will always be there but the second you lay down and rest after practice, no matter what, you’ll be happy you came.
  2. “What do you have if not for your health?”
    Mysore is not a regimen that is going to get you cut in 20 days. I mean shoot, it might happen, and that’s sweet! On a deeper level, using method, syncing your body to the rhythms of nature, and calming the mind gives you space to make better choices in regards to your health.
  3. “Focus. Eyes on the birdie.”
    Oh man, that cell phone though. Your amazon app and that carpet you just can’t wait to buy in the middle of the work day. $100 later your screaming at yourself but can’t quite make it to the return button. Listen, maybe that rug is amazing. You get that rug then! However, maybe that proposal that is going to get you to your next level at work will help you buy that rug AND give you the security of resources and a job well done. When the mind is calm, you’re able to see beyond the immediate fix and connect with your deeper goals.
  4. “You’re never alone”
    When you’ve cultivated a specific goal, the alone time has a meaningful resonance. You and a huge community of folks are getting up, practicing, and actively being kinder to yourself, others, and the world around you.
  5. “We’ve got you.”
    Connecting with a teacher regularly allows you to shine your brightest self forward. No, they don’t do the practice for you, that’s your biscuit. A teacher is there to provide the container and the tools for you to shine. A Mysore yoga room has folks who are on the same boat. You go into that love blanket every morning and come out feeling good about positive vibes you and your fellow person have made for the day.

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