Everyone is prone to stressful life. This is where yoga is useful in maintaining the balance of body and mind, improve focus in life, sharpen concentration and enjoy a peaceful life. ~Sharath Jois

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ~Rumi

It always seems impossible until it’s done”

The dynamic method of Ashtanga Yoga is passed from teacher to student. The Practice is comprehensive. Simply Be you, ignite your intuition, and the world will adjust. 


The Seasons of a Yogi

At AYB, the crew has watched sunlight slip further and further away. Practice time is the same but mother nature is transforming the rhythm, and the yogis know it.

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Concentration: Dharana

Ashtanga Yoga is practiced in two aspects. The first, hatha yoga, is the postures in the primary series. Primary series is taught first and called yoga chikitsa or yoga therapy. The yoga poses promote a healthy, strong, and limber body.

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Primary Series and Conference

Primary Series is a series of poses linked with movement on breath called vinyasa (put together in a special way.)
By linking movement to breathe you build purifying heat in your body (tapas).

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