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I began working on my yoga practice in 2003 while attending theater school in NYC. My first teachers were Jonathan Fields, Lauren Hannah and Johanna Uldrich at Sonic Yoga in Hell’s Kitchen. After completing a 200 hr Vinyasa yoga course of study in 2006 I began teaching some classes in and around Manhattan. I was able to study many styles of yoga, practicing and teaching many times daily. In April of 2010, I met Elise Espat through Sangha Yoga shala and began a daily Mysore practice under her guidance. I’ve been able to practice steadily ever since. In September of the same year, I went with Elise to study with Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore, India. After returning home to NYC, I began assisting Elise at her shala in Brooklyn. A few years later she moved to start the Albuquerque Ashtanga Yoga Shala in New Mexico. During her absence, I spent time working under the guidance of her teacher Guy Donahaye in the East Village.After 8 years in NYC, I moved home to Buffalo, N.Y to be closer to family. With Elise’s blessing, I began teaching for East Meets West Yoga, eventually heading the Mysore and Pre-natal Yoga programs there for two years. In 2013 Elise offered me a position in Albuquerque, NM. I took three months at the end of 2013 to operate her shala while she was studying in India.In January of 2014, I made my second extended trip to Mysore. That season I began to study under Dr. MA Jayashree and her brother Narasimhan as well as take Sanskrit classes at KPJAYI with Lakshmish. In June of 2014 Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo was born. It was during the opening of AYB I began to work closely under the mentorship of Angela Jamison in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been and continues to be a strong source of accountability and influence in both my practice and teaching. I love and respect her dearly. In Early 2016 and 2017 I made my third an fourth trips to Mysore. In March 2017 I recieved the blessing to teach from Sharath Jois. I plan to return to Mysore regularly. My intention for students is to offer the best opportunity to learn this method of yoga. Daily practice, maintaining a connection to the lineage in Mysore, and guidance from my mentors continues to feed the shala and my personal practice. I look forward to exploring different landscapes in this life as a teacher of yoga and an eternal student of its practices.


I began studying pre-natal yoga with Julianna Mitchell in NYC in 2011. Upon receiving her blessing to teach I went on to head the pre-natal yoga program at East Meets West in Buffalo, NY. I began Developing close relationships with moms through class. Upon their request, I began attending their births and around this time I started studying doula work at the Life Cycles Center in Buffalo. This was done under the guidance of Eileen Stewart. Founder and one of two home birth midwives in Buffalo. For two years I went on to head the Pre- natal program at Yoga Parkside. In June of 2016, I stepped down from my role at Yoga Parkside to nurture the program at AYB with my whole heart. I plan to return to teaching Pre/Post natal in the future.I continue to support mothers as their doula during the year. When I am on call you may find my phone out, silent, on the back window sill. The shala will be open for self-practice if babies are born during class hours.


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