August Moon days
observation of the moon

Saturday 8.11.18  New Moon
Observed Monday 8.27 Full Moon

Hi folks!

Things may feel backward and upside down while Mercury and Mars are in retrograde as they are now. Communication and action can be hectic and frustrating. All signs point to letting go of control and having fun with the chaos!

For many of us, it was a destructive start to 2018, I know it was for me. The galaxy was set for upheaval. I’m sure you remember an unusual amount of relationships breaking up in Feb/March. That crazy energy felt like watching a barn that’s been set on fire, fully consumed in flames and smoke. Watching it burn was one part horror and one part breathtaking.

Back peddling through such a torrent of change presents a unique opportunity to reflect. How can I give this a whole new life? What is left for me? What is ok to be left behind? If you can embrace the backward chaos and questions with playfulness and curiosity you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. If you try to control the chaos you may fall flat on your dupa. So, if it feels right, reflect and take notes on where you right now. How has this time transformed you?

I’d love to encourage you to take advantage of this chaotic energy. Be playful. Be spontaneous. Ask questions. Explore. Try not to be hard on yourself or frustrated. Who are you really deep down? Have courage and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Now is the perfect time to ask.

The Mysore practice can be a catacomb of discovery. It’s the place where we come to meditate and ignite health and luminosity. Your yoga is a quiet space in the morning where you may leave what ails you at the door and be with your body and breath. This is a radical effort in deep powerful self-care. That’s all, no agenda, just practice. If you fell off no sweat, come on back like you’re seeing a friend. Odds are you haven’t missed a beat. Those of you who are new or curious I hope you find your way soon.

We’re coming into the middle summer where it’s been hot for a while. If sleep is unstable and you’re feeling a lot of fire take heart. It’s very normal. Favor cooling foods and get to water as much as you can! Practice slower and more mindful. Rest longer. Cool the jets 🙂

I’ll be around all month and I look forward to seeing you. See you, folks, soon.

All my love and take good care.


Led Class and Conference
Saturday 8.18

8:30-10 Led class
10-10:30 Conference: Mula Bhanda and the pelvic floor

Monthly Gathering

Wednesday 8.8
My place
192 Richmond ave.

Super casual. Pop on by when you can!

Alright, thats all for now. Keep shining bright

Yours always,

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