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March 14th marks my 33rd trip around the sun! I’ll be taking the last week of March to visit my dad, brother, and my stepmother in Oregon. Before that, I’ll head to D.C for a few days to see my good friend Maggie at her shala in Arlington, VA and take a class at Tova’s shala with Kate O’Donnell on Ayurvedic cooking. Its the first time I’ve visited D.C and seen my family in many years. I couldn’t be more excited!

Lizz Coffey is a long time ashtangi, incredible teacher, and dear friend of mine. You may also remember her from our anatomy conference last year. She will be into sub the days I’m out. Show her some good ‘ole AYB hospitality and soak up all she has to offer!


  • Friday 3/24
  • Saturday 3/25
  • Monday 3/26- Friday 3/30

होली Holī

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“Holi is a hindu spring festival celebrated in the indian sub continent, also known as the “festival of colors”. It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.” ~wikipedia

Last year in March I sat with my girlfriends for lunch watching Mysore’s school kids blare dance music and throw colors at each other. India during this time of year is sensational. Just watch your back. Because is you don’t you may be pelted with a rainbow. Today marks the Indian Festival Holi. A celebration of spring where the colors fly just as much as people. From temple to temple, Hindus across India will celebrate to mark the entrance into spring.

Buffalonians tend to look at this time as the great thaw. Both of the earth and our bodies. Everyone is lit up about the sun and warmer weather. I love our weird local customs like Dyngus Day and the infamous butter lamb. In our own way us Buffalo folk welcome in spring with a bow to the organic shift of dark to light days and those little bouts of warm sun on the face. Those days are SO sweet. The farms are starting to rumble with seed starters and people on bikes embracing their new found ability to commute in the morning air. We’re all moving from digging our cars out to planning walks on the canal and Art festivals. Its an incredible time of year, though not so predictable, and a great time to sort out the old and welcome in the new. Sadly, there is no color throwing but watch out for the nearest squirt gun or pussy willow. Especially on parade day in the first ward!

I feel silly writing this as I stare out at the foot of snow that dropped on us last night. However, this is March, in all her shifty glory. Practice keeps us steady and the mind has space enough to embrace it all. From Holi to Dyngus Day enjoy all of it. I’ll be seeing you on the mat soon.

3.10 Led Primary Series class Saturday (change for the moonday)

  • 8:30-10 Led class
  • 10-10:30 Conference: Reviewing the roots. Asanas names, mantra, and tristhana (the three pillars of ashtanga yoga).

**Super casual. Stay as long as you can 🙂

3.7 2nd Wednesday Meet-Up

My place: 192 Richmond Ave.
Time 5:30-6:30
*Pop in as you can. I’ll be hanging out until I turn into a pumpkin around 7:30.

Let’s have porch sits if the weather is nice. I’ll make us some ginger tea and a green salad.

Alright, that’s all for now. Keep shining bright

Yours always,

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