“To get, give” ~Bob Roth

Leaking energy is a thing and it may leave you feeling drained and exhausted during the day. Perhaps you want and need to slow down but just don’t know how, feel you can’t, or don’t see the value. Tons of folks are embarking on the brave journey of no screens after a certain time of day. This is one way to plug the leak. It’s revolutionary. Deep mental fatigue may inspire one to look at a screen flashing images and words of stories that match the pace of the previous day or days. It’s natural and the law of physics would state “an object in motions stays in motion.” But, how do we slow down the pace and rest?

As a doula, I’ve seen in labor the crucial point where sensation and pace of intensity eclipses a mother’s ability to relax. It’s just too much. She has to actively practice breathing, letting go, and trusting her body when it doesn’t come naturally anymore. It can be this way in yoga too. No matter the class, there are times when you have to actively practice breathing and focus the mind. The sensations can be intense in both mind and body. It is at this crux that the biochemistry of the mind begins to change and adapt.

Rinse. Repeat. Change.

“Change brings change.” ~Ina May Gaskin

Bob Roth, a meditation teacher specializing in Transcendental Meditation, calls this act the conscious effort of “dipping below the waves of the mind”. Underneath the massive rush of emotions and sensation, one may experience a sense of calm. The technique of accessing this can look different depending on the approach one chooses.

I remember being so wound up from life that the idea of sitting still in both body and mind seemed impossible. It 2003, I was in theater school, riddled with anxiety and stories of survival. My formative years were not so friendly to my developing mind. Even though these stories of powerlessness were real, devastating, and currently harmful; Inside was a former means of survival. How would I survive without my former way of beiAyurvedaethods for coping?

Through ashtanga yoga, community, meditation, ayurveda, therapy and discernment I began to see these patterns for what they were; A temporary means of survival. In fleeting anxious moments I began to implement techniques passed down by students and teachers through the generations. These methods helped me embrace the present and get through unhealthy coping mechanisms. Once I was able to go down deep into the depths of my soul’s ocean, there was always a place of peace and tranquility. Over the years, I’ve dealt with these unhealthy patterns from many different angles. Daily ashtanga yoga practice has been the staple in helping me reclaim my mind and body.

“Remove the programming of smallness and weakness.” ~Angela Jamison

Every second of every day is vast and dynamic. These times of uncertainty are filled with limitless potential for personal power. The the method of yoga one begins to find oneself closer to the truth of being. In that truth there is a peace that goes beyond current conditioning.

Perhaps you’re already there. I don’t know. For those of you seeking to find greater peace know that it is there for you; But you MUST practice. The road to getting there requires regularly dipping below the waves of conditioning and opening up to the possibility of peace, power, and community. In that peace is the will to thrive, not just survive. No matter your story, with patience and practice, you can find your way. Take heart.

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