So, you’re curious about the Mysore practice? Maybe someone has inspired you or you feel like it’s time you did something for yourself. There are a ton of reasons but you have your very own. Good. This is key. Many of us feel the pull to become inspired and grow into a healthier, happier version of ourselves. If you’re curious, you’re already one foot in the door. Next it’s time to develop intimacy. Start to become really familiar with the multi layered “why” for starting a daily practice. What is lighting you up about your Mysore practice? What are the results you’re looking for? It’s nice to anticipate obstacles but try not to get stuck in the “I should be.” Come as you are. This is the brain’s way of tricking into staying with what is easy. No fun! Even though you may want that extra zest and joie de vivre in your life, finding the time and space in a busy schedule may be tricky. If your reasons for beginning are clear your chances of staying with your practice in the Mysore room dramatically increase. Lastly, find a good teacher you feel comfortable with. I may be that person. If so, you’re in luck and in great hands. If not, it’s all good, please keep searching. You want to find someone who inspires you to stay curious, disciplined, and laughing. Someone who will support you through the inevitable rough patches. Lastly, it’s time to create stability. Commit to a month of steady practice, anticipate and navigate obstacles, and ask your friends and family for support. They will be inspired! Once these moving pieces are in place you’re ready to start. Good luck ninja and I can’t wait to meet you!

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