New research in epigenetics shows that our genes do not define our future. Our environment and choices do. With understanding, you are never stuck! Watch more here. 

knowing this, I struggle still. It is because my environment plays a huge factor in how I react to the little things that have a big impact on my habits. It is the same for you too. So don’t be hard on yourself!

Be realistic. Set yourself up for success!

Changing behavior with a regular Ashtanga yoga practice is practical. There is a method that is tailored to fit the individual as well as community and teacher support. Some days are exciting but long-lasting change is kind of “like watching paint dry.”

Effective process may be slow. It is effective.

By practicing yoga 3-6 mornings a week for just 30 minutes you will radically change your ability to focus. From there, you may grow a practice, gaining energy, stamina, and comfort with the program.

Better yet! You can learn right from the comfort of your own home.
It is true, you cannot manage weight with yoga only. A yogic diet is essential. Simply put, a yogic diet is a whole foods plant-based diet.

If it Ain’t digesting well, then it Ain’t working! Feeling sluggish, feed it to the slugs!

Lastly, and most importantly, give yourself time. If you’re looking to begin a yoga practice but are feeling overwhelmed. You’re not alone. Begin, try and see what happens!

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