“Like the jungle physician, removing the poison of conditioned existence.”~English translation from the opening invocation of Ashtanga Yoga.

Jungle doctors in India are known for their Ayurvedic medicine. This method of healing prescribes holistic treatments that can involve, yoga seasonal rhythms and an individual’s constitution. The “cure” is a state of balance. No one is ever considered broken but irregularities in cellular harmony is noted. A healthy balanced system is a powerful one. A great way to develop a deeper understanding of these states is a daily Mysore yoga practice. Power will come from being able to distance oneself from external and internal stimulus to see an object or situation clearly. This practice is called pratyahara or sense control. If one is in a state of disharmony then it is very difficult to find happiness and cope with everyday life.

By taking a closer look at ourselves physically and mentally in a daily Mysore yoga class our patterns, both good and bad, become clear. This can take time, but once the positive shifts happen they are authentic, real and radical.

Change doesn’t have to happen by putting words to a particular trauma or memory. Re-patterning can come by beginning a steady moving meditation practice in the Mysore room. When we heal our body we begin to heal our mind. This alignment of mind-body is like a tuning fork for your wellness and over time one can experience states of harmony and personal power no matter what life throws out.

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