Reintegrating your daily sadhana (spiritual/yoga practice) after time off or travel is an effort of heart expansion, self love, and play. With enough space, time and support the experience can be incredibly healing. Its not always easy to have a new beginning. However, with the right intention, personal support and encouragement from your teacher you can always get back on your feet and start thriving. Always remember, you’re worth the effort!

Start by paying closer attention to your breath. Make an effort to tune in a few times a day and breathe fuller and deeper. Begin to pay some attention to your food and drinking. How does your food and drink make you feel? Would it support you in getting back up on your feet in your yoga practice? Lastly, try not to set lofty expectations. Keep it simple, clean and sweet. Ahimsa is the practice of doing no harm. Usually yogis refer to this in reference to kindness with others and eating good clean food. Try keeping it light and sweet when talking with yourself about practice. I like to think of the God Krishna here. He is fun, playful, compassionate, loving, and fluid. You can be too and slowly and steadily you’ll be right back on track.

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