September Moon days:
9 New Virgo
25 Full Aries

Hi folks.

There is a saying for the time we’re in now, the dog days of summer. I see the slow breaking down in nature around me. Little bugs pop up in drains, the ground feels soggy and wet, the seasonal plants on my porch reach for the finale bloom, and I can almost taste the apple harvest around the corner.

This month is a great month to take an Ayurvedic cleanse as the seasons shift. Ayurveda means life (Ayur) veda (science). In ashtanga at AYB we pair the physical yoga practice with the observation of the seasonal and lunar cycles. It helps a yogi maintain balance and observe the changes rather than get swept up in them. If you’re looking for a way to reset and get your immune system ready for fall I highly recommend Kate O’Donnell’s seasonal kitchari cleanse. These cleanses are not about losing weight but about resetting the body for a balanced shift into the new season. Feeling like your highest, brightest most luminous self-means observation, self-study, and practice!

As we enter fall and vata (wind) season the galaxy has finally started moving forward. The big backward motion we saw last month is finally reversing. Get excited! The time to practice is now so getting yee BUM to the mat 🙂 You’ll feel a new energy if you haven’t already!

Be well.




Schedule Changes:

Labor Day hours:
Doors Open 7:00
Mysore 7:30-8:45



9.15 Led Primary Series class and Conference

8:30-10 Led class
10-10:30 Conference:



4.12 2nd Wednesday Meet-Up

My place: 192 Richmond Ave.
Time 5:30-6:30

This is a great time to get to know one another sans yoga clothes. Super casual. Just pop in. Let’s have porch sits if the weather is nice.

Note: All food will be plant-based!



Alright, that’s all for now. Keep shining bright

Yours always,

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