What if I toot? I’ve heard this MANY times over my 12 years of teaching. Questions like these and more plague the practitioner who WANTS BADLY to start their practice but is living in fear. During my 9 years of daily Mysore practice I have seen and heard it all. Therefore, see below for a few answers to some common concerns:

Lets talk yoga pants. You’re going to want a poly blend for many reasons. MOST importantly, something you can pull back with both thumbs and no light shines through. If you see light than in practice folks will see your glorious moon light, if you catch my drift. You can get a solid blend for $20-$30 or head to your local consignment store and look for some unicorns. Those of you with some cash to kick around, the skies are the limit! SO many companies are doing cool things with post consumer recycled products.

NOTE: Patterns help but they are not a sure bet! Buyer beware.

Sports bras. Make sure you strap your sisters in well for a Mysore practice. This is a movement based method and I’ve seen problems with all sizes having a bit of a nip slip. Fashionable doesn’t always equal practical! I’d suggest doing some jumping and bending before making a financial commitment. 5 sun salutations will reveal the truth behind the quality of your purchase.

Yoga shorts. I’d suggest a poly blend again an giving yourself an extra centimeter or two for good measure. Short shorts can be risky but I know you, you like to live on the wild side. Cool! Even the best made shorts may ride up and reveal things you’d like to keep to yourself and your partner. Perhaps take a home practice before you bring those new pink gems to the shala. That way you’ll be sure about your ability to get through practice without a wardrobe malfunction.

Gentlemen. My guys have got this down to a science. Mid thigh poly blend Boxer briefs are a major YES! Slap a pair of those on under your athletic shorts and you’re good to go! Board shorts are not a sure bet. There may be revealing times that you’re not looking for. My good friend Michael over at Kali Yoga in Washington, D.C has his tailored to fit the thigh. He swears by them. You can always go big yoga clothing distributors too. If you’re like me there just isn’t an extra $100 to kick around. Poly blend mid thigh boxer briefs may be your best bet!

Practice shirts. This is more for my sweaty brothers. Listen, if you want to practice with your shirt off…Ok. I totally get it. A loose sweaty t-shirt flopping around is terrible and unsustainable.

Sweaty skin is VERY difficult to adjust. I’d strongly suggest bringing two towels with you and a shirt with you for back-bending. Why? So you aren’t dropped on your head. Slippery hands are a real thing. Hurting yourself or your teacher is worse than a toot!

Note: wear a poly blend athletic shirt to skip the drama and extra laundry.

What if I toot? Listen. Your neighbor is going to be a really good person, super, kind and respectful. More than likely you’ll know them somehow (Buffalo is a small place) or they’ll know someone you know. I’ll be bopping around too. I’ve never seen fear of embarrassment tighten up a set of cheeks faster. Its organic non violence.

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