When you commit to a yoga practice many things begin to change. Along with exciting advances towards health, wellness and a steady mind, one may experience unpleasant or even painful feelings and/or sensations.

This happens when undesirable patterns begin to unravel mentally and physically. It seems counterintuitive but process is not binary. To get through it you must move through it and sometimes what you need to move through is a heaping pile of metaphorical poo.

Sometimes we may experience an environmental or mental push back as a result of imposed changes in our lives. Maybe it is good and invigorating? It may also feel aggressive, unfair and nasty at times.

Practice and self reflection can help us see our core values more clearly and align with what makes us happy. An object in motion stays in motion and if we are seeking ease, health, clarity, focus and happiness we will certainly achieve that mark with steady resolve. Once a person is feeling aligned it is natural to want to inspire that feeling in others. Because it feels so delightful.

Seva is the spiritual practice of selfless service and the desire to uplift and assist people, giving help and compassion to others with no thought of what is to gain or what is to be lost by doing so.

When AYB moved folks brought flowers and said prayers: Offering generous gifts beyond the blessing of their presence. The wave of seva was palpable to me. Our space is a living breathing entity because of the folks who fill it with selfless love and daily practice.

Yoga teaches us that actions are not about making life easier. There is no way to avoid change or the shenanigans it can bring. Seva is sweetness in action. It is medicine for anyone on the receiving and giving end.

Holding a challenging asana for five deep powerful breaths tells us something deeply. It reaffirms the core belief that no matter how challenged we are, we can still be steady. We can still serve. We can still show up. We can still laugh when we miss our mark and continue to seek it with the same loving resolve. By service to each other we empower ourselves in selfless action. We empower ourselves in process. Process is so sweet.

I want to extend gratitude to all of those at AYB and in my life who have held my hand as I’ve worked without pause to bring into being a space for us.

I have learned through trial and error that you cannot make life transitions alone. As we move onto this next chapter at our new beautiful location on Delaware I want to dedicate this space to the service that is happening, will come and the revolutions to follow.

Thank you. In love and Seva <3

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