“Imagine having no daylight between what you say you will do, and what you do”

~Angela Jamison

Practicing alone takes courage. You have to believe in your intuition and give space for amendments when things aren’t like they were before. Uncontrolled temperature freaks me out and I LOVE to smell incense upon my first sun A stretch. When hotel rugs and forgotten yoga pants are my reality, the start of practice looks a lot different.

Travel is amazing! I need it in my life. A lot. However, getting away to a far away destination can be just as crafty as setting up a practice space. Sometimes it’s just not possible and that is ok. Practice anyway, do what you can, leave the guilt of not going all out to the birds.

The practice is in you!

Can I fit it between this laundry machine and that pantry cupboard? Yes? Great! No yoga pants, no problem!

Note, if you forget your pants make sure your space is quiet and private to avoid the obvious embarrassments. I speak from experience.

The most important thing is keeping the habit. Sadhana is a sanskrit word that means ritual or practice. It is one of the foundational pillars of ashtanga yoga and one of the hardest. But, you can do it! My yoga friend, you are on an exciting fun adventure of travel and practice. Take risks, be bold, have courage, laugh, and get on that mat.

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